Introducing Others to Monarch Wealth Advisors

As a client, you are in a unique position to introduce others to our team so that they may also benefit from our services.  When a situation arises that you identify as something that may benefit your loved one, friend or colleague, please keep the following in mind.

Whom should you introduce?

Clients recommend family members, friends or associates who want to learn more about the investment planning process. Often they share your attitude, values and lifestyle. 

Why should you introduce someone? 

Many clients have introduced someone who had a few questions about his/her own investment plans. It is no surprise that during times of market volatility, some people need a second opinion. If you are speaking with someone who has a concern, please follow the steps below regarding introducing someone to our practice. Experience has shown us that one of two things will likely happen. We will either validate for your friend that his/her plan is sound, or we may reveal something that we feel should be adjusted. Either way, if the individual is a friend of yours, we will make time to answer his/her questions.

How do you introduce someone?

Step 1
When the topics of money, financial affairs or investments come up, tell your friend or family member about us.

Step 2
Ask the person if he/she would like to meet with a member of our team. With your friend’s permission, call our office and give us his/her name, address and telephone number. 

Step 3
Please let your friend know that there is absolutely no obligation and no pressure. As a service to our clients, we offer “second opinions” for their friends and family. They will receive an introductory kit like the one you received. We’ll also call him/her to set up second-opinion meetings. After this meeting, we would then both have the opportunity to determine if we would like work together any further.