Team Photo
Pictured: Josh Baltzer, Kendra Holmgren, Jolene Baltzer, Tim Baltzer, Chris Stewart, Elise Dingman, and Ryan Voxland.  

Monarch Wealth Advisors
was established to provide comprehensive wealth management services to a select group of clients.  We strive to provide our clients the highest level of guidance, planning, and personal attention.  We roll up our sleeves alongside our clients to develop customized strategies for all aspects of their financial life.
Tim Baltzer, CRPC®
Managing Director, Senior PIM Portfolio Manager

Tim is among a select group of advisors entrusted by the firm to manage investment portfolios for clients who need a high level of service with discretionary authority.  Tim excels at helping clients identify and articulate priorities then designing and implementing strategies in the pursuit of their goals.  

Chris Stewart, CFP®
Partner, PIM Portfolio Manager

Chris works closely with clients to make sure they receive the highest level of individualized service and investment advice.  He uses his analytical skills to help oversee the research and development of investment strategies and evaluating account performance.

Ryan Voxland, CMT, CFP®
Managing Partner

Ryan is in charge of investment portfolio administration, client reporting and trading.  Additionally he helps create personalized strategies by combining his technical investment planning expertise with the ability to understand what issues each client considers most important in their lives.   

Josh Baltzer, CFP®

Josh is responsible for investment planning analysis and the execution of planning strategies. He focuses on educating and working with the next generation of investors and providing world class service to our legacy clients.

Jolene Baltzer

Jolene focuses on helping clients address their financial concerns and developing sound strategies to help accomplish what is important in their lives. She does this by focusing on each individual’s specific needs.

Kendra Holmgren
Account Administrator

Kendra is one of our team members that will greet you at our office, and answer your phone calls. Her responsibilities on our team consist of; office compliance, meeting preparation and taking client requests. Her main focus it to always provide a welcoming environment and act in the best interest of our clients.

Elise Dingman
Account Administrator

Elise joined our team fall of 2022. Elise is one of our team members that will answer your phone calls and greet you at our office. Her responsibilities on our team consist of; human resources, taking client requests, and marketing. Her attention to detail has complemented her role on our team.