Estate Investment Strategies

When considering the plan for your financial legacy, it’s important to first determine what your primary goals are, such as providing for your family, giving charitably, and/or your level of concern for taxes. The process of estate planning involves determining how your assets will be treated when you no longer manage them yourself; it’s a key component of your investment plan.


Wills, living wills, and health care proxies all provide protection for you, your family, your assets, or a combination of those in the event of extenuating health circumstances or even death. These protections are one of the most critical aspects of legacy Investment planning. Our advisors can act as a liaison with a local estate planning attorney to get your legal documents in order.


A trust is a legal document put in place during an individual’s lifetime that appoints a trustee to manage the individual’s assets on behalf of a beneficiary. A major benefit of having a trust is the ability to bypass the probate process upon the passing of the trust creator. We can act as a liaison with a local estate planning attorney to get your legal documents in place if it’s determined a trust is right for you.

Wealth Transfer

Many people seek to grow their wealth to ensure the security and prosperity of future generations or causes close to their hearts. It’s important that your beneficiaries have a level of financial literacy and understanding of your wishes as your legacy transfers on. We can help you prepare for and navigate these delicate conversations.


At Monarch Wealth Advisors, we create solutions around three critical areas of wealth management: Accumulation, Retirement, and Legacy. By dedicating our focus to these critical areas, we help clients work to achieve their dreams through the disciplined processes of growing, managing, and preserving their capital.

Wealth accumulation is the process of building wealth and increasing your net worth over time. In simple terms, this is accomplished by making money, saving money, and investing money. Monarch Wealth Advisors works to simplify this foundational step of wealth management for you, with the goal of positioning you for future success while protecting your assets.


We want to ensure your success long past your time in the workforce. Our strategies around wealth management in your retirement aim to keep you thriving in the lifestyle you imagined for yourself. In order to do that, we will work to protect your wealth and generate income for you throughout your golden years.

At Monarch Wealth Advisors, we know just how essential customization is to a successful investment optimization strategy. In retirement, especially you’ll need to address your essential and discretionary income needs. Our advisors will systematically evaluate your options for investment in retirement based on your circumstances.


You’ve worked hard to provide for yourself and your family throughout your lifetime. What happens to all of that when you’re gone? A lot of planning and care goes into building and maintaining wealth for individuals and families alike. We want to ensure a similar level of care and planning goes into passing it on to the next generation.

We believe a strong investment strategy requires a high level of individualization and care relative to each investor’s circumstances, financial goals, tolerance for risk, and a variety of other factors. In the Legacy stage of wealth management, we will work to optimize strategies to manage capital gains and tax-efficient transfer.